• We take pride in our work. That’s why 80% of our projects come from referrals.


Annie & Bill

Vancouver, WA

Ken and Blaze/NW were a God send. He told me I should not be having to deal with insurance and mortgage holder. That was his job. He took over and saw it through to the end. He was and is a man of his word. He handled all the hoops the insurance co. and mortgage co. through at him. I did not know where to begin. It has been about 6 weeks (barring bad weather) and I have a new and beautiful kitchen. I love it! It is the nicest kitchen I have ever had. I pray I never have water damage again or heaven forbid a fire but I know beyond a doubt, Blaze/NW is the company I would call to take care of it. I know I can rely on them.


Vancouver, WA

On July 30,2018 we were displaced from our house due to a fire. This was a life changing event, and at that moment in life you do not know where to turn or who to trust. Fortunately we had the pleasure of meeting Kenny a couple of days after the fire . Once we sat down with Kenny and we started to unveil our story we knew that Kenny was the contractor we wanted to work with. Through our multiple interviews of contractors, Kenny's personality struck us as, caring, genuine, trustworthy, personal, and most of all he listened and showed compassion. Working with Blaze Restoration, was delightful. Kenny and team listened to us, and took the time to ask questions to make sure they understood what our wants and needs were. Kenny was always willing to help with every step through the process of the claim personally and was available to answer any questions at any time. He was always in communication with us, we were aware of every step that was happening during the progression of the reconstruction of our home. Blaze restoration was able to complete the reconstruction of our home within 8 months. This would not have not been done if Kenny did not live up to our initial impression of him. He took our situation personal and got us back home in a record time, despite some rough roads with our insurance company. I recommend Blaze Restoration to anyone, you get a professional, trustworthy and genuine contractor and company that looks at the situation as the person/people you are not as another job. Furthermore you will have outstanding work done to your property.

Rome & Leann

Vancouver, WA

We learned that our property had sustained a lot of smoke and structural damage. We had never been in this situation beforehand so we had no idea what to do next. A lot of companies started to get in touch with us about doing business with us but none of them made us feel comfortable. One company was very pushy and wanted us to sign a contract right away while another one made us a generous offer, but something about it did not feel right. A couple of months later, someone recommended Blaze Restoration. Right away, we knew that this was the company that we wanted to work with. It has been over a year and Ken Stryker (the president of the company) has been a God-sent. He is honest, reliable, always available, and always answers the phone whenever we have questions for him. He has always fought for us the owners, not the insurance companies. He has personally dealt with all of the adjusters, mortgage inspectors, and city inspectors. He has done an absolutely wonderful job. We are incredibly happy with his services and will never work with another company in the future. I can't recommend him enough.

Julia & Conrado

Portland, OR

Blaze Restoration was referred to us by a friend and colleague who said that Blaze would be an independent contractor who would get results and advocate for Dolores when communicating with her insurance company. Unlike the insurance companies' "preferred contractors" Blaze came in and worked for us. Ken Stryker wasted no time providing us with a comprehensive estimate written with the same program the insurance company uses, he found items the adjuster had skipped over, and then communicated directly with the adjuster regarding those items, alleviating stress and hassle for us. It was clear he was not a rubber stamp for the insurance company.Ken not only secured a fair result for the restoration based on the reading of Dolores' policy and but provided her with a brand new home. Ken was there every step of the way reducing our stress and getting results. We whole heartedly recommend Blaze Restoration as the independent restoration contractor to call when disasters like this happen and you need someone to be on your side.

Mike & Dolores

Portland, OR

We suffered through a house fire and didn't know where to turn. Our neighbor had also had a fire in one of their rental property's a few months prior to ours and recommended that we give Ken Stryker a call. Best decision we ever made! Ken responded almost instantly and provided a thorough and detailed estimate for our review. He was extremely knowledgeable about insurance claims and made the entire process seamless for us. He worked side by side with our adjuster throughout the entire claim; truly an advocate for my wife and I. He gave us a very flexible construction budget and allowed us to choose all of the materials ourselves, leaving our home in a better and more upgraded condition than it was before the fire. Anytime we needed anything, he was available. We highly recommend Blaze Restoration and Ken Stryker. Thank you.

David & Linda

Camas, WA

I had a fire in my home and had many companies showing up the first night, even while the fire department was still there. I was disgusted by this! I was in complete shock at the loss of my home and didn't know what to do. I was referred to Ken Stryker. He and his team came out to check on things and offer some assistance. There was no pressure and you could tell all he wanted to do was to help. The adjuster even commented on how professional and easy going he was throughout my claim. So much stress was alleviated because of Ken and his team. I HIGHLY recommend them to anyone.


Portland, OR

Ken, you are a rarity, in that, you gracefully combine excellent business skills with even better personal skills. I've been privileged to talk with your clients privately - and you need to know - they express immediate trust in you and your capabilities. Because their circumstances are caused from a fire or disaster, your clients come to you in quite a vulnerable state; but even after just a few minutes with you, they know everything is going to be alright. This confidence that you convey is not some sort of manufactured skill; it is truly from your heart. You really care about your clients and your work product - and it resonates in 'how' you do, 'what' you do.


Portland, OR

We are extremely pleased with the job your company provided after our flood. We would gladly recommend Blaze to any potential customer. Feel free to give them our phone number or my email should the occasion arise.

Greg and Bobbi

Portland, OR

Blaze absolutely took care of our situation. They inventoried our contents, restored them and put them back. Ken had a detailed and thorough answer to every question my family had. We couldn't believe how he was able to come in and get it all done well before his initial time frame. Could not be happier with our choice to go with Blaze Restoration.


Portland, OR

There were many times throughout the process where I was unsure of how to proceed. Whether it was his area of expertise or not, Kenny cheerfully responded right away, and pointed me in the right direction. Kenny was available nearly 24/7 to help us in any way he possibly could, including talking to my insurance adjuster for me. The process can be overwhelming, and I really needed this type of customer service. He checked on us throughout the two months we were out of our home, even just to make sure things were going well for us.


Canby, OR

As soon as we met Kenny, we noticed his professionalism. Immediately we could tell he was very well educated and knew what he was doing. He took the time to explain how insurance claims work and what their job was. Any questions that we had he answered. He promised we would be 100% satisfied and if we needed him he would be available and he was. He responded to any phone calls and text messages as soon as possible. He would even go out of his way to help us on things that were not part of his scope.


Battle Ground, WA

Ken KNEW the best way to navigate through each and every step of the process to rebuilding my home. Ken handled ALL the appointments - adjusters, engineers, inspectors, sub-contractors, electricians, painters, and employees - Ken met, called, emailed, or corresponded to everyone necessary to complete my restoration. Ken kept everything organized and on-time, so I could get back to living in my home as soon as possible.


Beaverton, Oregon

Ken and his team at Blaze Restoration rescued me from a terrible situation that another contractor left us in. I had water damage around six windows due to improper flashing in my 2008 build home, and I noticed the first contractor I had out was cutting corners and covering up how much damage actually existed. When Blaze Restoration got involved, everything changed. They were communicative about the real issues I was facing and ensured I understood clearly what my options were. We agreed upon the scope of the repairs and they proceeded to remedy my water damage in just a few days. Miraculously they even salvaged my old siding in the process saving me from thousands of dollars. The extra care and attention Blaze gave this project restored faith in my opinion of contractors- and humanity. I am ever grateful for their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. We feel so lucky to know about Blaze Restoration and look forward to working with them on future projects.


Vancouver, WA

I worked with Ken after recent water damage to my bathroom. Ken was very responsive and helpful. He spoke in terms I could understand and also coached me on some terminology specific to remodeling when I asked. Ken responded promptly and thoroughly to my inquiries. While Ken ultimately was not able to take my job due to differences in our time schedules, Ken was instrumental in guiding me to the right people who could help me. It is clear Ken is well respected by others in the construction business in Vancouver. I absolutely would hire Ken for a future project.


Portland, OR

Dear Ken, We wanted to thank you for all the work you did in getting our shop fire cleaned up. After the fire I had contacted a couple of companies but never got very far. A few months later I saw your name in "The Best of Clark County" and decided to give you a call. That was the best thing we did. You responded right away, got us an estimate and scheduled the work. Ken worked with the mortgage company and insurance company hand handled all their requirements. We did not have to do anything. Ken took care of all the items that were needed to be done. Everything Ken said he would do was done and in a very timely fashion. We are very grateful and highly recommend Blaze Restoration to anyone who needs help.

Richard & Jeannette

Portland, OR

It is a pleasure to recommend your firm, Blaze Restoration. My family and I want to thank you for taking care of everything when the tree strike incident occurred. As you know, there are three main issues for a homeowner to deal with when a natural disaster/incident occurs: (1) finding a partner to manage the overall reconstruction, (2) work through insurance company related issues and (3) manage the subcontractors through to completion. Ken and Blaze did a great job and made the entire process as easy as possible for us. Ken was terrific at communication and stayed in consistent contact with us so we were aware of every step of the process. The job was completed on time and on budget and we couldn't be happier with how everything worked out.


Portland, OR

Jaime & Scott

Ridgefield, WA

From the day of hire, Ken performed without hesitation, to cover every question and need. Ken and Blaze crew went to work on getting our home repaired and fully cleaned up from the structural fire damage in the attic and smoke damage of the complete home. Not having been in a situation like this, we were concerned about finding a reliable service to make everything well again. Ken and Blaze jumped in and their knowledge and expertise took excellent care of us in every way. My calls were answered and emails were quickly covered including constant reports of progress with pictures. Ken must work 24 hours a day because he was always there when needed to answer questions. As we dropped by, sometimes too often, we found the crew hard at work doing a professional job of repairs, including weekends. As we monitored the activity and watched Ken working with our insurance adjusters to provide excellent contracting knowledge was able to get the work covered and done to give us back a home we can again be proud of and enjoy. Every step of this activity to get the home back in shape was covered by Blaze and many times when asking for something more, was met with OK, we are here to help. I can say that during the stressful time of this repair it was a welcomed feeling to see they were not after wringing out every dollar from the owners. Mr. Ken Stryker goes beyond expected steps and takes care of the human side of the business of restoration and well as the excellent construction side. We could not have been in better hands. Thank you, Ken and Blaze Restoration. We recommend Blaze Restoration and Mr. Ken Stryker for any construction job weather from fire or just a need to do some repairs or improvements to your home.

Bill and Kathy Saunders

I recommend Blaze Restoration and Ken as the company to chose if you ever need any work done. Ken truly works for you and helps you every step of the way dealing with Insurance companies and taking the stress off your shoulders. I had a significant water leak in my kitchen, and the way it was leaking it took several days to find the hole. By this time, it had become damaged considerably, and my Insurance company (Travelers) wanted me to get a restoration company under a contract that I liked because I was going on vacation soon for 3 weeks. Ken was recommended to me, and he comes out, and we talked about what I wanted with restoration. My big thing was getting rid of carpet were I could since most was being ripped up and getting laminated flooring. He said he promised to put my house back together to look better than new and keep me informed every step. Ken has sent me pictures showing the work as it is being completed and has to keep updated on all timelines. He was upset right away because he had to tell me they get a late start because my house hadn't been packed up completely, and they had to wait to get started. Ken dealt with the Insurance company on all issues, as it turned out to be a much bigger job than I even thought. Every room in my house had to get new flooring, rooms repainted, doors replaced, and kitchen appliances, cabinets, and countertop had to be replaced. Later Ken went to reuse my sink, faucet, and garbage disposal and found Service Master had left mine outside and was not useable; he took care of it. Every step of the way, I made all the decisions, from the flooring, cabinets, countertops, tile for backsplash, appliances, and the colors of paint on the walls. If I needed help, he was there. I received phone calls and or texts, including pictures 2 or more times a week. Ken turned out to befriend and someone I know I can trust in the future if I ever need anything else done. My house is truly remarkable, thanks to Blaze's workmanship! Thank you, Ken, and the rest of the team.

Evelyn Driscol

I am 90 years old and had a tree fall through one side of my home. I didn't know what to do or how to proceed! Then, Ken at Blaze Restoration was referred to me, his referral came from highly respected professionals located here in Portland. Ken got everything back on track- and FAST. Ken KNEW the best way to navigate through each and every step of the process to rebuilding my home. Kan handled ALL the appointments - adjusters, engineers, inspectors, sub-contractors, electricians, painters, and employees - Ken met, called, emailed, or corresponded to everyone necessary to complete my restoration. Ken kept everything organized and on-time, so I could get back to living in my home as soon as possible. Ken is undeniably one of the best professionals I've ever met-and-truly a very kind man. Ken understands that a disastrous event to your home is terribly upsetting, so he strives for both customer satisfaction AND customer happiness. KEN CARES. BLAZE RESTORATION is 100% TRUSTWORTHY! Because I'm a senior citizen, I was cautioned to be wary of some of the restoration companies in the Portland and surrounding areas. I was told that some of those other companies literally prey on the elderly, the grieving, and people that are in shock. Those companies will actually get folks to "sign" documents while their home is still burning, or (in my case) while a huge tree is still sitting in it. YOU CAN TRUST BLAZE RESTORATION. Ken is right there with all of his resources to immediately assist in an hour of need; but he HELPS people and doesn't take advantage of their desperate situation! There's none better than BLAZE RESTORATION. BLAZE can keep their "advertising sign" in my yard... FOREVER! BLAZE IS THE BEST!

Duane Frye